Kenny Palmer 'Azshara E.P' OUT NOW!

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Launching his Infrasonic debut in fine style, Kenny Palmer joins the InfraRed ranks with his maiden E.P.

Kicking off with 'Azshara', it's rolling bass and plucky melody eases you into the track before the momentum builds and the leads begin to tease the journey that lies ahead. The breakdown is where this track really comes alive and is guaranteed to get all hands in the air.

Continuing that momentum on the flip, 'Netherstorm' delivers another essential Palmer hit and serves up another jaw dropping demonstration of Kenny's on point production skill.


Infrasonic: Amsterdam Dance Event 2020

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We are back once again with our annual Amsterdam Dance Event compilation to celebrate the yearly event.

As you'd expect it is packed to the rafters with Infrasonic gems from all corners of the stable, everything from early doors warm progressive to peak time trancers, uplifters and everything in between.

Making appearances this time around are: Epidemika, Danny Cullen, Milad E, Solis & Sean Truby, Harry Square, Jochan Morrisen, Ultimate and many more.

Jackob Rocksonn 'Purple Sky' OUT NOW!

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Jackob Rocksonn arrives on our InfraRed imprint with a big and ballsy techno fuelled number. Launching his label debut with the mighty 'Purple Sky'.

As we've already eluded to, it's a monster from the off and techno and tech fans will certainly appreciate this one, thanks to its no holds barred momentum from the off. It'll take no prisoners throughout the track, even at the breakdown where rave nuances subtly make an appearance before slamming you back down again with its dark and raucous energy.


Kataploks 'Hwarang E.P' OUT NOW!

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Kataploks makes his InfraProgressive debut with two summer stompers forming his 'Hwarang E.P'.

A fresh face and name to the label, we were instantly draw to the Kataploks sound and you instantly see why thanks to the E.P opener 'Hawrang' with its huge summer appeal and big energy.

And if that wasn't enough, 'Sadaham' rounds off this stellar E.P with another fine summer inspired masterpiece.


Nord Horizon 'Take My Hand' OUT NOW!

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Back by popular demand, we are super excited to welcome back Nord Horizon who returns in style with the epic 'Take My Hand'.

A producer that continues to go from strength to strength in the uplifting trance space, Nord Horizon's sound is continuing to mature and evolve and we absolutely love what he is doing right now.

Case and point is his latest single and we know the Infrasonic Pure fans are not going to be disappointed with this one.


D72 'Magika' OUT NOW!

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D72 returns to the Infrasonic ranks with another sure fire club stomper in the form of 'Magika'.

Packed full of energy and those much loved D72 sounds, 'Magika' has an array of mystical moments serving up copious amounts of energy and emotion throughout the track.

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Danny Cullen feat. Maria Milewska 'Twilight (Aamos Remix)' OUT NOW!

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Breathing a new lease of life into the sensational 'Twilight' from Danny Cullen and Maria Milewska, progressive trance rising star Aamos is on hand a delivers a jaw dropping remake.

Packed with all the hallmark Aamos signature sounds and textures we've come to love, Aamos really delivers on this one and injects the heat and turns out a sublime reinterpretation.


Woti Trela & Squarz Kamel 'Spectral' OUT NOW!

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Next up on Interstate is the debut of Woti Trela & Squarz Kamel, who together drop the mighty 'Spectral'.

A big and bold number which serves up a dark and moody affair for those late night sets. It's playful, yet thought provoking breakdown is what really captures the mind in this track as it takes you away to a special place. All the while carefully building the layers ready for maximum impact at the drop.


Ultimate & Maria Milewska 'Dark Lullabies' OUT NOW!

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Hitting the nail on the head once more, uplifting trance supremo Ultimate returns to Infrasonic Pure with a brand new vocal offering that is sure to ignite all your senses.

Teaming up with Maria Milewska, together they have crafted the truly sublime vision that is 'Dark Lullabies'.

As ever, Ultimate delivers the goods and ticks all the boxes when it comes to creating the perfect Infrasonic Pure record. 'Dark Lullabies' is yet another fine execution, which serves up the unique vocal talents of Maria Milewska at the forefront.


Infrasonic Tech Selection Vol. 3 OUT NOW!

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It's back! The 'Tech Selection' continues with volume 3. As ever, we've packaged together some of our favourite big room, gritty and tech fuelled electronic masterpieces from across the entire Infrasonic stable.

In this latest instalment, 'Tech Selection Vol.3', we've carefully picked just ten of our favourite tech trance masterpieces from across our huge catalogue. Vol.3 hosts artists such as Broning, 2nd Phase, Harry Square, Dan Dobson, Abstract Vision and many more.

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