Braulio Stefield 'Zodiark' OUT NOW!

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Making his debut in epic fashion, Infrasonic Pure welcomes Braulio Stefield to the label with the sensational 'Zodiark'.

As ever, we've unearthed another raw talent in the form of Braulio and here he demonstrates why we snapped this track up in an instant. 'Zodiark' delivers that true and pure trance sound you've come to expect from any Infrasonic Pure release.

With a huge, uplifting melody, bags of energy and effortlessly exciting all your senses, 'Zodiark' is a grade-A show stopper.


Vince Blakk ft. Linda Mathews 'Breaking Up' OUT NOW!

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We've got a killer vocal offering for our next release on In Sessions, courtesy of label star Vince Blakk who teams up with Linda Mathews to deliver 'Breaking Up'.

The track is an eclectic fusion of electro inspired, progressive moments throughout, while playing host to the lush vocals supplied by Linda Mathews. The stand out moment is of course that spine tingling breakdown which delivers those essential vocal hits and drops with its uplifting, progressive nuances.


Danny Cullen 'The Hero Within' OUT NOW!

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In Sessions boss Danny Cullen is up next with his latest single 'The Hero Within'.

Packed with a killer, rolling groove from the off, the track entices you in with its warm and uplifting feel. Driving you towards the breakdown, the elements begin to complete the picture of what lies ahead. The breakdown is a lush dance of electronic elements from electrifying leads, soothing pads and a warm bass note. As the energy builds, the release at the drop is certainly worth the wait.


F.G. Noise 'The End' OUT NOW!

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Bringing the noise for our next release on InfraRed is the debut from F.G. Noise and his mighty single 'The End'.

Packing a truck load of energy from the off thanks to the track's killer bass line and groove, which builds the momentum of the track ahead of the breakdown. The break is pretty special with its euphoric stabs and epic hands in the air moments throughout. Perfectly building the carnage that is inevitably going to ensure when this one drops.


Kiran M Sajeev 'Fables' OUT NOW!

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We're super excited to welcome Kiran M Sajeev back to Infrasonic with his latest single on our Pure imprint called 'Fables'.

Doing what he does best, Kiran brings the uplifting vibes in droves and delivers a truly spellbinding masterpiece that will certainly leave the hairs on the back of your next stood on end!

Packed with energy from the off, delivering a killer melody and of course, uplifting at every corner, 'Fables' is a hallmark Infrasonic Pure track.