Solis & Sean Truby feat. Sue McLaren 'Closer To The Earth (Somna Remix)' OUT NOW!

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Reigniting the flame of a gone but not forgotten release is what we do best on our Infrasonic Gold outfit and the next release is no exception.

Solis & Sean Truby's seminal classic with Sue McLaren will take fans way back. Their sublime efforts culminated in the mighty 'Closer To The Earth' and now in 2021 it is back with a fresh lick thanks to none other than Somna.

Keeping the essence of the original close to the heart of his remix, Somna injects his signature into it and delivers a sublime interpretation that you do not want to miss!


MNBT 'Reverse Angle' OUT NOW!

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Set to ignite the clubs with his Interstate debut, MNBT drops his maiden release on the label in the form the killer 'Reverse Angle'.

Ticking off all the hallmark traits of an essential Interstate release, 'Reverse Angle' has the Interstate sound nailed down to a tee. Packed with copious amounts of energy, tech fuelled from the off and a peak time melody that is guaranteed to cause carnage.


Nord Horizon 'Trancecarpathia' OUT NOW!

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We're super excited to welcome back Nord Horizon to the Infrasonic Pure outfit. Returning with another killer single in the form of 'Trancecarpathia'.

A track that will certainly enlighten all your senses thanks to a carefully crafted melody, bags of energy, huge emotion and a whole lot more.

Nord Horizon delivers another white hot masterpiece.


Jochan Morrisen 'Endorphine' OUT NOW!

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Making his much anticipated return, Jochan Morrisen is back and delivers his latest single 'Endorphine'.

As you'd expect, it's another stellar Morrisen execution, delivering that hit of trance that meets tech that we've come to expect from both Jochan and the Interstate family.


Rakielis 'Echo' OUT NOW!

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Rakielis makes his InfraProgressive debut with a stellar outing in the form of the sumptuous 'Echo'.

A crisp, warm production that ticks many of the staple InfraProgressive hallmarks - the track delivers a lush groove, unmissable melodies and of course that typical warm, summer drenched progressive feel we've come to expect from the label.

Do not miss!

Squarz Kamel 'Ethereal' OUT NOW!

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Squarz Kamel arrives on In Sessions and serves up a real treat for the growing In Sessions fan base in the form of 'Ethereal'.

The In Sessions discography continues to grow and deliver more high level, high quality productions and this latest offering from Squarz Kamel is no exception to that. Packed with a mouth watering melody, lush groove and enough energy to leave your discerning crowd wanting more.


Ultimate & Maria Milewska 'Dark Lullabies (Remixed)' OUT NOW!

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As our 2021 releases continue with full steam ahead, we have a killer remix package up next of Ultimate & Maria Milewska's epic tale 'Dark Lullabies'.

With two mouth watering remixes on this package, it is certainly one not to be missed. First up, the package launches with a lush offering from newcomer Eric Senn who serves up a real treat for trance fans around the globe.

The second remix comes from Infrasonic star Nikhil Prakash who does what he does best and delivers a killer progressive twist to the original.


Rafael Osmo x Spectral pres. Five G vs. Dan Lir 'Reality Machine' OUT NOW!

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Rafael Osmo teams up with Spectral to combine their talents as Five G. Together, they team up with Dan Lir to deliver the epic sounds of 'Reality Machine'.

Another sure fire winner delivered to InfraRed, this trio of fine talent have come up with a sensational trancer that is guaranteed to create the desired effect in any room it is dropped.

Crisp production, silk smooth melodies and tonnes of energy.


UDM 'Oxygen' OUT NOW!

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UDM bursts onto the Infrasonic Pure ranks with a mighty club stomper in the form of 'Oxygen'.

Packed to the rafters with energy and an epic melody to die for, UDM delivers the goods in a big way.

Expect maximum carnage when this beauty is dropped.