Infrasonic Summer Selection 2023

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Infrasonic Recordings presents the ultimate summer soundtrack: Infrasonic Summer Selection 2023.

Carefully curated, this scintillating compilation showcases 20 hand-picked tracks, a harmonious blend of cherished classics and cutting-edge creations.

Feel the sun-kissed melodies and infectious beats as we transport you to the heart of summer. From poolside parties to beach escapades, this compilation is your gateway to an unforgettable sonic journey.

DJ Tranceair 'Shanghai De Yewan' OUT NOW!

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InfraRed is super excited to welcome DJ Tranceair with their label debut release 'Shanghai De Yewan'!

This masterpiece takes you on an exhilarating journey through pulsating beats and ethereal melodies, showcasing DJ Tranceair's boundless talent.

With its fusion of eastern influences and cutting-edge production, 'Shanghai De Yewan' paves the way for much more from the new inspiring talent.


Sound Of The Sonic Podcast - August 2023

The August 2023 edition of the branch new Sound Of The Sonic podcast is here!

01. Ultimate feat. Irina Makosh - Something Going On (Pure Mix) [Infrasonic Pure]
02. Vitodito - Salty (Moonsouls Remix) [Infrasonic Pure]
03. Sean Mathews - Dubai Sunset [Infrasonic Pure]
04. Ultimate & Moonsouls - Reborn [Infrasonic Pure]
05. Kataploks - Sobaeksan [InfraRed]
06. Amar N - Tears of Yesterday [InfraRed]
07. Ed Sánchez - Moonbow [InfraRed]
08. Hiromori Aso - Rise Again [Nocturnal Knights]
09. Artena - A Life Within Your Thoughts [One Forty Music]
10. DJ Tranceair - Shanghai De Yewan [InfraRed]
11. Allan Berndtz - The Skip [InfraRed]
12. Andrea Ribeca - They Come Into My Head [FSOE]
13. Mhammed El Alami - Lugano [Infrasonic Pure]

Follow the Sound Of The Sonic playlist for more.

Ed Sánchez - Moonbow [InfraRed] OUT NOW!

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InfraRed proudly presents Ed Sánchez's remarkable debut release, 'Moonbow.'

Delve into a mesmerizing journey where shimmering melodies and pulsating rhythms converge. With 'Moonbow,' Ed Sánchez's sonic craftsmanship shines through - prepare to be captivated by the visionary soundscape of this emerging talent.

Embrace the dawn of a new era as Ed Sánchez marks his glorious arrival on the InfraRed roster.