Casepeat 'Now We Can Breathe' OUT NOW!

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Introducing 'Now We Can Breathe' by newcomer Casepeat, a refreshing addition to the InfraRed family.

This release embodies a breath of fresh air with its innovative soundscapes and captivating melodies. Dive into a musical journey that invites you to unwind and find solace in its harmonious rhythms and glistening atmospheres.

Casepeat's debut is a testament to talent and promises a bright future in the world of electronic music.

N-sKing 'Power Bond' OUT NOW!

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Get ready for a mesmerizing return from rising star N-sKing who unveils 'Power Bond.'

N-sKing reshapes the electronic music landscape, weaving pulsating beats with intricate melodies, resulting in an electrifying synergy of sound.

'Power Bond' is a testament to N-sKing's artistic prowess and his ability to push boundaries.

Allan Berndtz 'Black Hole' OUT NOW!

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Prepare for the triumphant return of Allan Berndtz with 'Black Hole.'

Dive into the depths of sound as he crafts an enigmatic masterpiece that pulls you into its gravitational force.

Feel the sonic intensity and embrace the darkness with Allan's signature touch.

An immersive journey awaits!

Mariano Mancini 'I Found You' OUT NOW!

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Step into the mesmerizing world of Mariano Mancini as he makes his grand debut on Infrasonic Pure with 'I Found You'.

A newcomer who shines bright, Mancini's melodic prowess enchants with every note, leading you on a sonic journey of discovery.

Get ready to lose yourself in captivating melodies and entrancing beats. Infrasonic Pure proudly presents the emergence of Mariano
Mancini and his enchanting release, 'I Found You'.

Sound Of The Sonic Podcast - October 2023

The October 2023 edition of the branch new Sound Of The Sonic podcast is here!

It's a very special edition this month as we welcome guest host Ultimate who delivers a sonic journey as he serves up some of his favourites tracks from Infrasonic Pure. If you like it uplifting, then you won't want to miss this one.

01. Kiran M Sajeev - Quietude [Infrasonic Pure]
02. Aeon Shift - Four Days Of Summer [Infrasonic Pure]
03. Ultimate - Saona [Infrasonic Pure]
04. Glynn Alan & Andy Cain - Inception [Infrasonic Pure]
05. Amar N - Nostalgia [Infrasonic Pure]
06. Amar N - Missing Piece [Infrasonic Pure]
07. Ultimate - Fly [Infrasonic Pure]
08. Amar N - Mahayana [Infrasonic Pure]
09. Ultimate with TimAir & AlexSo - Catharsis [Infrasonic Pure]
10. Amar N - Dreaming Of You [Infrasonic Pure]
11. Andy Cain feat. Zara Taylor - Music Box [Infrasonic Pure]
12. AirLab7 - Fischl [Infrasonic Pure]
13. Jhonny Vergel - Victorious [Infrasonic Pure]
14. TimAir & AlexSo feat. Sveta Soul - Without You [Infrasonic Pure]
15. Ruslan Device & Katsu - Ocean Love [Infrasonic Pure]

Follow the Sound Of The Sonic playlist for more.