Future Stars, Vol. 5 OUT NOW!

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Our 'Future Stars' series is back - a dynamic compilation featuring rising talents like Aamos, Ben McConnell, Kataploks, Salto Angel, and more.

Unveiling the future soundscapes, this compilation is a testament to Infrasonic's commitment to discovering and nurturing exceptional musical talent. Experience the next wave of electronic music with volume 5 of our 'Future Stars' compilation.

Casepeat & Plutian 'Theory of Everything' OUT NOW!

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Next up on Infrasonic Pure, a very exciting collaboration from Casepeat & Plutian who deliver the spellbinding 'Theory of Everything'.

This dynamic duo weave a tapestry of ethereal melodies and pulsating rhythms, pushing the boundaries of trance.

Elevating listeners to new heights, the track's seamless fusion of energy and emotion showcases the unparalleled craftsmanship of these talented artists.


Bryn Whiting 'Cosmic Balance' OUT NOW!

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Embark on a celestial journey with Bryn Whiting's latest creation: 'Cosmic Balance'.

Staying true to the InfraRed ethos, the track unfolds with grace, balancing intricate melodies and pulsating rhythms. Bryn delivers an essential piece, capturing the essence of an electronic journey through sound.


Sound Of The Sonic Podcast - March 2024

01. Casepeat & Plutian - Theory of Everything [Infrasonic Pure]
02. Vitodito - Salty (Moonsouls Remix) [Infrasonic Pure]
03. Ultimate - Saona [Infrasonic Pure]
04. Thomas Coastline - Takedown (Mike van Fabio Remix) [Infrasonic Future]
05. Manuel Le Saux & Db Mokk - Silver Moon [FSOE]
06. AirLab7 - 2B (UDM Remix) [Infrasonic Pure]
07. JINGYAN - If Everything is Pure [Abora]
08. Cold Stone - Become Human [InfraRed]
09. Ed Sánchez - Moonbow [InfraRed]
10. Bryn Whiting - Cosmic Balance [InfraRed]
11. Steve Dekay & Drival - Elixir [Critical Uprising]
12. TH3 One - The Calm After The Storm [Vandit]
13. Dreamy & Garry Noon - Reborn [Infrasonic Pure]

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Dreamy & Garry Noon 'Reborn' OUT NOW!

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Infrasonic Pure unveils 'Reborn' by Dreamy & Garry Noon, a sonic journey that transcends boundaries.

Immerse yourself in ethereal melodies, pulsating rhythms, and euphoric beats. 'Reborn' is a perfect fusion of Dreamy's atmospheric touch and Garry Noon's dynamic energy, which effortlessly breathes new life into the trance scene.

Feel the resonance, embrace the evolution. Get ready to be reborn.