Nord Horizon 'Utopia' OUT NOW!

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One of Infrasonic Pure's brightest stars is back in the imprint for another dollop of high quality, uplifting, pure trance. Nord Horizon returns with another mighty offering in the form of 'Utopia'.

Doing what he does best, Nord Horizon crafts another sumptuous melody, which packs a real punch. Delivering that sweet hit of uplifting trance we've come to expect from his productions, all the while delivering something fresh and unmissable.


Blue Serigala 'Challenger' OUT NOW!

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Blue Serigala joins the InfraRed ranks with a stellar debut in the form of 'Challenger'.

A shining star in the making, the young producer makes his mark in a big way. Kicking off with a heads down groove and big bass line. Coupled with bags of energy, euphoric leads and a lush breakdown to top it all off.


Ultimate 'Rosa' OUT NOW!

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Uplifting trance hero Ultimate is back on home soil with his latest single 'Rosa'.

As you'd expect from any Ultimate record, it's a meticulously crafted masterpiece. Designed to take you on a journey through all sounds and emotions. Ultimate's unmistakable signature sounds ring out and once again he has created another jaw dropping melody, packed with emotion, soul and a clear grasp of how to create a timeless classic.


Rakielis 'Helix' OUT NOW!

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Rakielis is back on InfraProgressive with another summer scorcher in the form of 'Helix'.

Encapsulating the very best of the InfraProgressive sound, Rakielis comes up trumps and delivers a lush groove, infectious melody and bags of energy throughout the track.

One not to miss!

Christopher Corrigan 'Physicality' OUT NOW!

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Christopher Corrigan returns to the Infrasonic ranks and this time around makes an outing on our Infrasonic Pure imprint with the mighty 'Physicality'.

A slamming stomper from the off, Christopher sure knows how to craft those timeless classic trance moments and 'Physicality' will certainly not disappoint the trance purists.


Leonard A & Pavel Koreshkov 'Frozen Dream' OUT NOW!

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A rising star in the progressive scene: Leonard A joins forces with Pavel Koreshkov who both make their InfraProgressive debut with 'Frozen Dream'.

Packing a punch from the off, this exciting project delivers the very best in progressive trance. Thanks to a killer melody, lush groove and plenty of warm energy throughout the track, it'll instantly set the summer mood high.


Epidemika 'Resolve' OUT NOW!

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Epidemika returns with another summer drenched scorcher. Back with the mighty 'Resolve', it is another unmissable Epidemika outing.

Oozing that much loved summer, uplifting appeal we've come to expect from any Epidemika record, 'Resolve' is another fun filled and joyful journey that effortlessly lifts your spirits, all while delivering a killer club moment.


Ramin Arab 'Blackout' OUT NOW!

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Newcomer Ramin Arab makes his InfraRed debut with a killer outing in the form of 'Blackout'.

Taking no prisoners, the track opens with a slamming groove and copious amounts of energy. 'Blackout' is one of those tracks you need to have in your late night sets, guaranteed to bring the noise and create chaos.


JANPAUL 'Heartbeat' OUT NOW!

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Celebrating InfraProgressive's 200th release in style! Newcomer JANPAUL lands on the label and makes a killer debut thanks to his track 'Heartbeat'.

Forever continuing to push the envelope of progressive trance, InfraProgressive delivers another rising star who's talent instantly shone through when we heard this track. JANPAUL does a superb job of capturing that much loved InfraProgressive sound, all while stamping his own mark on the track.

On to the next 200 - thanks for your support!

Alex Byrka & Anton van Sprundel 'Heaven Can Wait' OUT NOW!

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Crafting a heavenly slice of uplifting trance, Alex Byrka & Anton van Sprundel join forces for the next outing on Infrasonic Pure.

'Heaven Can Wait' is a spellbinding journey that will certainly uplift your soul and spirits. Packed full of emotion, drive and energy, the track ticks all the right boxes and delivers that hit of much needed euphoria.