Tonerush 'Supremo' OUT NOW!

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Tonerush returns to the Infrasonic ranks and is back with a bang. Delivering his brand new single 'Supremo' to our InfraRed outfit.

Building the momentum from the off, the energy begins to rise, thanks to some killer percussion arrangement and pin point production. At the drop, it is all hands in the air for this euphoric and spine tingling moment, ahead of the drop which will take your breath away.


TimAir & AlexSo feat. Sveta Soul 'Without You' OUT NOW!

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Next up on Infrasonic Pure, newcomers TimAir & AlexSo make their debut with the mighty 'Without You'.

Packed with emotion and copious amounts of energy from the off, 'Without You' begins to open up and draw you in with its infectious melodies, big room energy and no nonsense groove. TimAir & AlexSo arrive in style and their debut single with us is one not to be missed.


Amar N 'Missing Piece' OUT NOW!

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Amar N is ready to set the clubs and festivals alight once more, thanks to his latest single 'Missing Piece'.

Continuing to carve a name for himself in the scene, Amar is producer who continues to push the envelope and develop his much sought after and loved uplifting sound. His brand new single is a testament to that, thanks to some pin point production, melody work and effortless energy craftsmanship.


Pulse & Sphere 'Energy Flow' OUT NOW!

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Pulse & Sphere are back on Interstate with another stellar outing in the form of their latest single 'Energy Flow'.

Packing the heat from the off, this dynamic duo continue to push the envelope when it comes to crafting their signature tech trance sound we've all come to love.

'Energy Flow' hits the spot perfectly and the track title could not be more fitting. Big energy, killer melodies and mayhem guaranteed.


Claus Backslash 'Steps To Success' OUT NOW!

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Claus Backslash returns to the Infrasonic stable with his brand new single 'Steps To Success'.

This time, the rising talent is back and graces our InfraRed imprint with his much loved signature sound. Packing the heat from the off, 'Steps To Success' is a real club stomper thanks to its big energy, huge riffs and lush melodies.

Claus does it once again!

Infrasonic Spring Selection 2022 OUT NOW!

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Thanks to a stellar start to 2022, our Spring Selection for 2022 is a big one. Packing in some of the biggest heaters that have graced the label over the start of the year.

This instalment includes epic club moments from the likes of Pulse & Sphere, Nord Horizon, Kataploks, Amar N, Andy Cain and many more.

Epidemika 'Closer' OUT NOW!

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Epidemika is back and lands on our InfraProgressive outfit this time around to deliver yet another summer scorcher in the form of 'Closer'.

Continuing to push the envelope and develop his much loved sound, Epidemika has come up trumps again with his latest single. Thanks to his continuous improvement and evolving sound, 'Closer' certain stands above the rest thanks to its pin point production and summer drenched vibes.


Andy Cain feat. Zara Taylor 'Music Box' OUT NOW!

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Andy Cain is back on Infrasonic Pure with another breath taking outing in the form of 'Music Box'.

Joining forces with Zara Taylor, the pair have crafted a sensational uplifting journey that will heighten all your senses. Including crisp production, bags of energy and the lush vocals supplied by Zara, 'Music Box' ticks all the boxes when it comes to delivering a timeless trance masterpiece.


RayD8 'Kracken' OUT NOW!

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RayD8 lands on InfraRed with a mighty debut outing in the form of 'Kracken'.

A beast when unleashed on the dancefloor, 'Kracken' is a sure fire club smash in the making. Peak time euphoric stabs, an epic melody, copious amounts of energy and a whole lot more.


Kataploks 'Amethyst E.P' OUT NOW!

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Kataploks returns to the Infrasonic ranks with a brand new E.P on our Interstate imprint.

Kicking off proceedings with 'Amethyst', this twisted, techy number sets the tone for this mighty E.P from Kataploks. Packed full of energy, a killer hook and plenty of hands in the air moments.

The second offering on the E.P is 'Lazurite', another jaw dropping demonstration from this fine, rising talent.

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