Infrasonic: Amsterdam Dance Event 2019 OUT NOW!

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Ready to set the conference alight, Infrasonic has prepared it's annual Amsterdam Dance Event compilation with a selection of some of the finest talent and music across the stable right now.

Everything from lush progressive vibes, right through to no-holds-barred, heads down psy trance. This year has been another incredible year for unearthing new talent, from the likes of: Nourey, Noinne, Jochan Morrisen and many more. We've also included tracks and remixes from some of label's biggest stars such as: Abstract Vision, Solis & Sean Truby, Andy Tau, Ultimate and more.

Do not miss it!

Mofasa 'Reload' OUT NOW!

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Bringing the late night heat, while keeping the grooves and energy thumping along at a deep pace, Mofasa makes his debut on our Interstate imprint with 'Reload'.

A big room number throughout, yet it delivers a killer progressive and deep vibe for those late night, heads down affairs. While also delivering an epic, pulsating combination of leads and euphoric pads at the breakdown, building the momentum effortlessly for the big hit at the drop.


AirLab7 & EAM 'Autumn Leaves' OUT NOW!

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Keeping the essence of summer alive as we head into the autumnal time of year, AirLab7 & EAM return to Infrasonic Pure with their latest spellbinding outing: 'Autumn Leaves'.

A track that keeps the summer fire burning inside, while offering a crisp and unforgettable electronic journey. This pairing has struck gold once more and the latest offering is really going to hit the spot. Thanks to its big energy, huge, uplifting melody and a breath taking breakdown.

Summer may be over for another year, but with tracks like this, the essence will forever live on.


Abstract Vision & NX-Trance 'Shifter' OUT NOW!

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Abstract Vision is back on our InfraRed imprint with another stellar, psy infused trance workout. Teaming up with NX-Trance, they deliver the driving 'Shifter'.

A no nonsense affair from the off, it's psy inspired bass line, groove and energy will set your heart rate racing. Think peak time energy meets in your face euphoric goodness. That's what 'Shifter' delivers by the bucket load.

Abstract Vision of course is no stranger to creating timeless trance masterpieces and here with NX-Trance, they have certainly struck gold and the trance fraternity and certainly going to enjoy this one.

Solis & Sean Truby 'Picturesque (Remixed)' OUT NOW!

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Riding off the back of our 200th release, we keep the momentum going as we head into the next 200! Head honcho's Solis & Sean Truby are back, with another of their tracks reworked and given fresh lease of life.

Their sublime track 'Picturesque' gets two jaw dropping remixes courtesy of progressive star Farius and trance hero Beatsole. Both delivering unique, yet totally unmissable takes on the original.

First up is Farius who needs very little introduction, his unique and much-loved progressive style has won him an army of fans and here he delivers in a big way. Big, warm progressive vibes throughout, yet keeping the essence of the original at the forefront.

Rounding out the package comes a stellar trance workout from Beatsole who kicks the original up a notch yet keeps things emotive and uplifting. Lush!

Solis & Sean Truby with Audrey Gallagher 'Skin Deep (Solis & Sean Truby vs. Ultimate Remix)' OUT NOW!

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** Armin van Buuren support! **

As we celebrate our 200th release on the main label, we do so in both a very special and big way. We wanted to do something very cool and unforgettable for the fans, so we've unearthed one of the biggest Infrasonic vocal tracks from the vault and given it a brand new lease of life.

Solis & Sean Truby's sublime vocal outing with none other than Audrey Gallagher caught the hearts and minds of many fans and DJ's around the globe. Their track 'Skin Deep' became a main stay for just about every trance DJ on the planet with its unique appeal, and sensational vocals.

And now, back in 2019 with a brand new interpretation from none other than Solis & Sean Truby themselves, teaming up with Ultimate, together they craft an unmissable uplifting rework of this classic track.

Packed full of emotion, hugely uplifting throughout and of course that breathtaking melody and lush vocals supplied for Audrey.

200 releases in and we're still going strong - here's to the next 200!

HP Energetic 'Come With Me' OUT NOW!

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Always striving to bring you the very best in progressive trance, our latest signing on our InfraProgressive imprint comes from HP Energetic with the mighty 'Come With Me'.

As you'd expect its full of fire and oozes those lush progressive vibes throughout. Perfectly epitomising a InfraProgressive record, its lush, warm breakdown with its silky smooth piano melody builds the momentum ready for the drop. Whereby you're greeted with copious amounts of energy and an infectious, hands in the air groove.

Guaranteed to cause mayhem when this one goes off!

Christopher Corrigan 'Trust' OUT NOW!

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Hugely uplifting, with epic leads, a lush melody and so much more. That's what Christopher Corrigan delivers with his new single 'Trust' on our InfraRed imprint.

Packing a punch from the get go, we get down to business with a no nonsense trance affair. The pace firmly turned up, as the track brings in its killer groove and rolling bass line. At the break is where things really start to happen, thanks to Christopher's carefully constructed melody, which is a beautiful dance of melodic notes.

Heading into the drop, the track builds its momentum for a huge release as everything comes together for the moment we've all been waiting for.

Do not miss this!

Rigo Avila & Miraks 'Dark Star' OUT NOW!

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As we continue our quest to unearth the finest talent in progressive trance, we've come up with another gem in the form of Rigo Avila who joins forces with Miraks.

This fine pairing come up with the mighty 'Dark Star', which is packed with bags of feel good energy from the off and delivers a lush melody, warm bass line, a silky smooth breakdown and will guarantee all hands in the air at the drop.


Max Ryan 'Adrift EP' OUT NOW!

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Max Ryan is back to his home ground on the In Sessions imprint with his latest triple header.

His brand new EP opens with 'Adrift', a warm and sumptuous progressive number to kick off proceedings. Watch out for that killer breakdown, it'll have hairs standing up on the back of your neck.

Next up, taking things a little harder is 'Tick Tock'. A tech behemoth that isn't the faint hearted. It's big and bold in every way and will certainly turn heads when its dropped into any set.

And finally, to wrap up this stellar EP, 'Zaxxon' completes the package with a huge melody and epic, emotive appeal.

Do not miss this - Max Ryan is back!