HP Energetic & Cold Face 'We Are' OUT NOW!

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Newcomer HP Energetic returns to InfraProgressive with another lush outing on the imprint. This time joining forces with Cold Face, together they have crafted the spellbinding 'We Are'.

Delicately blending all the required ingredients for a sure fire InfraProgressive masterpiece, the duo delivers a summer inspired melody, backed with bags of energy and a feel good factor which is through the roof.

Maig Shaw rounds out the release with a stellar rework, which is not to be missed.

Big stuff!

Abstract Vision & FORCES 'Conglomerate' OUT NOW!

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The powerhouse that is Abstract Vision continues to amaze with his productions. His latest offering with FORCES is no exception, as together they craft the epic 'Conglomerate'.

As you'd expect, Abstract Vision has crafted yet another club stomper, and thanks to his collaboration with FORCES, the result is a big tech trance monster from another level.

Big energy, huge riffs and a killer, spine tingling breakdown. What more could you ask for!?


Peter Matt vs. Kiran M Sajeev 'Bodhisattva' OUT NOW!

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Continuing our relentless release regime here on InfraRed, we've got yet another club destroyer to whet your appetite. This one comes from Peter Matt & Kiran M Sajeev, who together have crafted the sensational 'Bodhisattva'.

Packed with nags of energy and a jaw dropping melody, the guys have really come up with the good on this release.


Division Zero 'Resystance' OUT NOW!

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Prepare for the filthiest beats you've heard, thanks to this killer club slammer from Division Zero.

The big and mighty sounds of 'Resystance' will instantly grab you thanks to its big energy, raucous bass and slamming groove. Everything you'd want and expect from a typical InfraRed release.

Do not miss this one!

Infrasonic Miami 2020 OUT NOW!

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Go big or go home - right? Well that's our motto for our latest instalment of our Miami 2020 compilation. We've dug deep into the vault and dug out just 15 of some of our favourite Infrasonic club moments, that truly personify the Miami festival season vibe.

Whether you're a fan of laid back progressive or no holds barred, four-to-the-floor uplifting, tech driven trance, we've got all the bases covered. With tracks from the likes of Solis & Sean Truby, Farius, Holbrook & SkyKeeper, Arjans Abstract Vision, Ultimate and many more.

Solis & Sean Truby feat. Irina Makosh 'Forever (Solis & Sean Truby Remix)' OUT NOW!

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Solis & Sean Truby are back and so is our Infrasonic Gold imprint. The boys have dug into the vault to rework one of their classic vocal tracks 'Forever'. Featuring the beautiful vocal talents of Irina Makosh, this classic track has been reborn.

As you'd expect, Solis & Sean Truby have pulled out all the stops to rework their classic track, delivering a unique, yet uplifting twist, all while playing host to Irina's lush vocal.

Do not miss it!

Arjans & Jochan Morrisen 'Three Warriors' OUT NOW!

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We're super excited for the next release on our Interstate imprint as it hails from two of our most exciting acts on the label right now! Arjans join forces with rising star Jochan Morrisen and deliver the mighty 'Three Warriors'.

This trio have come together and delivered a killer club destroyer, thanks to its huge amount of energy, lush breakdown and uplifting melody.


Shedona 'Infusions' OUT NOW!

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A palette of sweeping melodies, euphoric energy and bags of emotion, are just some of the ways to describe this next release on our Infrasonic Pure imprint.

Shedona lands with the spellbinding story that is 'Infusions'. Purists will certainly appreciate this one, thanks to a lush, hands in the air melody, huge euphoric moments in the break and drop and energy by the bucket load.


Lucas Deyong & Tass 'Solstice' OUT NOW!

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Igniting the InfraRed fires next is the debut of Lucas Deyong & Tass as they deliver their maiden release in the form of the epic 'Solstice'.

A killer trancer from the off, this fresh faced duo flex their muscles and come up with the goods in a very big way. An infectious, moody groove with techy nuaces and a dark, twisted nature is what this track is all about. If you like your heads down, late night trance moments, with a jaw dropping breakdown, then this is definitely for you.

Instant hit in the making right here!

Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic 'Astromechanism' OUT NOW!

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Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic are back! Returning to our InfraRed imprint with the mighty 'Astromechanism'.

A powerful journey that takes you through different soundscapes, atmospheres and emotions. Delivering a rolling bass line, plucky melody and euphoric breakdown, these guys have got all the bases covered.

Expect nothing short of mayhem when this little beauty drops - massive!