NEW: Sound Of The Sonic Podcast

We’re super excited to announce that the Sound Of The Sonic podcast (formally known as the Infrasonic Podcast) will be relaunched on Monday 3rd July!

With brand new hosts Allan Berndtz and Naoki Yoshihara (aka N-sKing), they will dig deep each month to bring you the finest and freshest trance music out there. Including some very special exclusives from the Infrasonic labels too.

We sat down with Allan and Naoki to discuss the new podcast and what listeners can expect.

  1. Tell us a bit about the new podcast – what can listeners expect?
    A: We thought it would be nice to do a monthly Sound Of The Sonic podcast as we are also doing the Spotify “Sound Of The Sonic” Playlist.
    N: This podcast aims to introduce the Infrasonic family as well other trance fans to the various realms of Trance Music!
  2. What sort of musical styles will be featured?
    A: Trance 😁 I think we will try to have all kinds of sub genres, but mostly energetic and uplifting I guess.
    N: Mainly uplifting trance, but also a sprinkle of progressive trance from the likes of InfraProgressive and other great progressive trance labels.
  3. What sort of tracks do you look for when compiling the podcast each month?
    A: Showcasing tracks from the Infrasonic stable plus loads more fresh up and coming talent.
    N: The latest tracks from Infrasonic, plus picks from legacy releases, other great labels and of course picks from the Spotify “Sound Of The Sonic” Playlist.
  4. Are there any stand out producers that will be featuring and we should look out for?
    A: For me personally, Ed Sanchéz and my partner in crime N-sKing. They are both on the rise and doing a lot of good stuff, I love their styles.
    N: I’m particularly interested in Artena and Bryn Whiting. Both of them produce a lot of compelling and cool trance tunes. Also, a Japanese producer called Dominant Space. Spread Your Wings, and XTC were picked up for the SOTS playlist.
  5. What is your favourite Infrasonic track right now?
    A: Nick V – Contrasts but really looking forward to forthcoming tunes signed to InfraRed 🔥
    N: Moonsouls – DNA! But more recently is has to be Airlab7 – Fischl.

Make sure you follow the Sound Of The Sonic playlist on both Soundcloud for the latest episodes of the podcast and also the dedicated Spotify playlist too, to get even more.

The Sound Of The Sonic podcast drops every first Monday of the month.