Infrasonic ‘The Best of 2023’ OUT NOW!

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Dive into the sonic whirlwind of 2023 with ‘Infrasonic: The Best of 2023.’ This year’s compilation, curated meticulously from our musical troves, encapsulates the essence of a year teeming with innovation and creativity. Brace yourself for an electrifying journey through tracks by renowned maestros like Ultimate, Epidemika, Amar N, Allan Berndtz, N-sKing, AirLab7, Nord Horizon, and more.

As the Infrasonic vaults unleash their treasures, you’re invited to relish 25 handpicked masterpieces that have redefined the musical landscape. From pulsating beats to melodic symphonies, this compilation is a testament to the label’s commitment to delivering the finest in trance and electronic music.

‘Infrasonic: The Best of 2023’ is not just an album; it’s a sonic chronicle, a testament to the talent that has graced our stage throughout the year.