Founded in 2007 by UK based Dj/production duo Solis & Sean Truby, Infrasonic have become one of the music industries leading lights in recent years with countless outstanding releases across a wide spectrum of electronic dance music, regular appearances on the largest music compilations and recognition from the worlds leading magazines and radio shows.

Originally a project to give up and coming talent an opportunity to showcase their creative abilities, Infrasonic have helped launch some of the best and brightest young music producers around.

Since they were established the UK brand have gone onto to release in excess of 400 high quality packages which have included some of the most decorated producers the EDM scene has to offer, aswell as from its own closely knit family of artists which include Solis & Sean Truby, Andy Tau, Ultimate, Harry Square and many more.

At Infrasonic Recordings music comes from all corners of the globe, spanning across 8 specialised labels, including Infrasonic Recordings, InfraProgressive, Infrasonic Pure, InfraRed, Interstate Recordings, In Sessions, Serious and Sosei Records.

Latest Releases:

  • Infrasonic Tech Selection, Vol. 3
    Anthya, Erick Strong, Broning, Dart Rayne, Yura Moonlight, Thomas Coastline, 2nd Phase, Harry Square, Hiddenagenda, Dan Dobson, Quasi, Arjans, Jochan Morrisen, Abstract Vision, NX-Trance, Division Zero, Dart Rayne, Yura Moonlight
    INFRASONICTS003 | Infrasonic Recordings | 2020-09-14 | Buy
  • Infrasonic Summer Selection 2020
    Danny Cullen, Maria Milewska, HP Energetic, Cold Face, Milad E, Andy Kumanov, Tess Fries, AxelPolo, AnnihElectric, Aamos, LNYX, Epidemika, Ultimate, Jochan Morrisen, Ben Stone, Jordy Eley, Abstract Vision, Forces, SkyKeeper, Holbrook, Lucas Deyong, D72, Sean Truby, Solis, Irina Makosh, Khalai, Allen Belg, AirLab7, Kiran M Sajeev, Nord Horizon, Maig Shaw, Solis & Sean Truby
    Trance, Electro House
    INFRASONICSU007 | Infrasonic Recordings | 2020-08-17 | Buy
  • Future Stars, Vol. 4
    Milad E, Nikhil Prakash, Vince Blakk, Angel II Demon, Unique DJ, Danny Cullen, Jochan Morrisen, Metta & Glyde, David Broaders, Kiran M Sajeev, F.G. Noise, Jeff Ozmits
    INFRASONICFS004 | Infrasonic Recordings | 2020-07-20 | Buy
  • Without U
    LNYX, Epidemika
    Big Room
    INFRA205 | Infrasonic Recordings | 2020-07-13 | Buy
  • Inborn
    Kiran M Sajeev
    INFRA204 | Infrasonic Recordings | 2020-07-06 | Buy
  • Big Room Remixes, Vol. 6
    DJ Tommyboy, Emotional Horizons, Sean Truby, Sunset, Steve Delves, Saint Sinners, Harry Square, Arkham Knights, Solis & Sean Truby, Andy Tau, Max Millian, Sean Mathews, Audrey Gallagher, Anki, Arti5an, Moonsouls, Ultimate, Ben Gold, Paul Miller, Indecent Noise, Sunny Lax, Sou Kanai, Harry Square, Dart Rayne, Yura Moonlight, Burak & Emre, Moonsouls, Ultimate, SkyKeeper, Holbrook, Dustin Husain, Broning, Akkiles
    INFRABRRV6 | Infrasonic Recordings | 2020-06-29 | Buy
  • Infrasonic Spring Selection 2020
    Aamos, HP Energetic, Cold Face, Vince Blakk, TH3 ONE, Arjans, Jochan Morrisen, Division Zero, Abstract Vision, Forces, Elite Electronic, Tass, Lucas Deyong, Jordy Eley, Shedona, Kiran M Sajeev, Peter Matt, Sean Truby, Solis, Irina Makosh, Nord Horizon, AirLab7, Solis & Sean Truby
    INFRASONICSP006 | Infrasonic Recordings | 2020-05-18 | Buy
  • Infrasonic Full Throttle, Vol. 3
    Sequentia, Dan Dobson, Audrey Gallagher, Solis & Sean Truby, Artisan, Sam Laxton, Harry Square, Michael Milov, Ozo Effy, St, Sean Truby, Solis, S, Peter Santos, Sean Mathews, SkyKeeper, Holbrook, AirLab7, Abstract Vision, Ultimate, Shedona, Mike Sonar, The Flyers, STANDERWICK, Arggic, Mino Safy
    INFRASONICFF003 | Infrasonic Recordings | 2020-04-27 | Buy
  • Infrasonic Miami 2020
    Aamos, AxelPolo, AnnihElectric, HP Energetic, Nourey, Solis & Sean Truby, Max Ryan, Vince Blakk, TH3 ONE, SkyKeeper, Holbrook, Arjans, Jochan Morrisen, Abstract Vision, Elite Electronic, Ultimate, Kiran M Sajeev, Christopher Corrigan, Nikhil Prakash, Farius
    INFRASONICMI005 | Infrasonic Recordings | 2020-03-16 | Buy
  • Infrasonic Winter Selection 2020
    Danny Cullen, Maria Milewska, Linda Mathews, Vince Blakk, AxelPolo, AnnihElectric, Ultimate, Braulio Stefield, AirLab7, Kiran M Sajeev, F.G. Noise, SkyKeeper, Holbrook, Christopher Corrigan, Abstract Vision, NX-Trance
    INFRASONICWI006 | Infrasonic Recordings | 2020-02-10 | Buy
  • Infrasonic: The Best of 2019
    Noinne, Nourey, Josa, Tomas Moran, False9, Aamos, Nikhil Prakash, Vince Blakk, Angel II Demon, Max Ryan, Arjans, Jochan Morrisen, Harry Square, Peter Santos, Abstract Vision, Ultimate, Solis & Sean Truby, Anki, Arti5an, Sean Mathews, Andy Tau, Audrey Gallagher, Kiran M Sajeev, Kiyoi & Eky, Dustin Husain, Christopher Corrigan, NX-Trance, Beatsole, Dustin Husain, Ultimate, Solis & Sean Truby
    Trance, Psy-Trance
    INFRASONICBO19 | Infrasonic Recordings | 2019-12-16 | Buy
  • Until The Day
    Solis & Sean Truby
    INFRA203 | Infrasonic Recordings | 2019-10-28 | Buy
  • Fenomeno
    INFRA202 | Infrasonic Recordings | 2019-10-21 | Buy
  • Infrasonic: Amsterdam Dance Event 2019
    Abstract Vision, Subbota, Max Ryan, Nuestro, Josa, Nourey, Noinne, Nikhil Prakash, Solis & Sean Truby, Jochan Morrisen, Harry Square, Peter Santos, AirLab7, EAM, Kiyoi & Eky, Dustin Husain, Andy Tau, Audrey Gallagher, NX-Trance, Nikhil Prakash, Farius, Ultimate, Solis & Sean Truby
    Trance, Psy-Trance
    INFRASONICADE19 | Infrasonic Recordings | 2019-10-14 | Buy
  • Picturesque (Remixed)
    Solis & Sean Truby, Farius, Beatsole
    INFRA201 | Infrasonic Recordings | 2019-09-23 | Buy
  • Skin Deep (Solis & Sean Truby vs. Ultimate Remix)
    Audrey Gallagher, Ultimate, Solis & Sean Truby, Solis & Sean Truby
    INFRA200 | Infrasonic Recordings | 2019-09-16 | Buy
  • Infrasonic Summer Selection 2019
    Abstract Vision, Subbota, Jeef B, Noinne, False9, Aamos, Josa, Tomas Moran, Nikhil Prakash, Nourey, Les, Vince Blakk, Angel II Demon, Arjans, Harry Square, Ultimate, Baco CH, AirLab7, David Broaders, Anki, Arti5an, Solis & Sean Truby, Sector7, Arjans, AirLab7, Dustin Husain
    INFRASONICSU006 | Infrasonic Recordings | 2019-07-15 | Buy
  • Infrasonic Spring Selection 2019
    Les, Aamos, Nourey, Vince Blakk, Angel II Demon, Broning, Darkness Falls, SkyKeeper, Holbrook, Abstract Vision, Ultimate, Anki, Arti5an, David Broaders, AirLab7, EAM, Sean Mathews, Miroslav Vrlik, Dustin Husain, AirLab7, UDM, Cold Stone
    INFRASONICSP005 | Infrasonic Recordings | 2019-05-20 | Buy
  • All We've Ever Known
    Solis & Sean Truby
    INFRA199 | Infrasonic Recordings | 2019-05-06 | Buy
  • Infrasonic Miami 2019
    Les, Oleg Farrier, Michael Grovetsky, Aamos, Nourey, Burak & Emre, Darkness Falls, Harry Square, SkyKeeper, Holbrook, Dan Thompson, Solis & Sean Truby, Ultimate, Abstract Vision, Sector7, AirLab7, EAM, David Broaders, Anki, Arti5an, AirLab7, Dustin Husain
    Trance, Big Room
    INFRASONICMI004 | Infrasonic Recordings | 2019-03-25 | Buy