Aamos 'Latika' OUT NOW!

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Future progressive trance star Aamos is back on our InfraProgressive imprint with his brand new single 'Latika'. A name fast becoming synonymous with that classic InfraProgressive sound, Aamos digs deep for his latest outing.

'Latika' ticks all the right boxes when it comes to encapsulating that true progressive trance sound and Aamos makes it look, feel and sound so easy. Expect the masses to be supporting this one for many months to come.


AirLab7 'Nostalgia' OUT NOW!

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Early support from Armin van Buuren, Aly & Fila & more!

Infrasonic Pure's brightest star returns to the label with yet another sure fire club smash. Future star AirLab7 is back and after a stellar run of singles in 2019, 2020 is set to be another big year for this fresh faced producer.

His brand new single 'Nostalgia' will certainly please the masses as it hits that uplifting sweet spot so effortlessly. AirLab7 is fast becoming one of those go-to names for clinically produced and timeless sounding uplifting trance masterpieces, and his latest offering is definitely no exception to that rule.


Holbrook & SkyKeeper 'Rising E.P' OUT NOW!

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Tech giants Holbrook & SkyKeeper are back on home soil and return to Interstate with two more sure fire club moments.

Their latest EP begins with the heads down 'Rising' which serves up an infectious melody, packed with tech fuelled energy and a killer breakdown.

On the flipside there's 'Echoes', which is another Holbrook & SkyKeeper masterpiece that will certainly please the masses.


Ultimate 'Southeast Breeze' OUT NOW!

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**Armin van Buuren support!**

Infrasonic favourite Ultimate is back in the hot seat and his kicks off his 2020 account with another stellar performance. His brand new single 'Southeast Breeze' is another Ultimate masterpiece.

Ever the perfectionist when it comes to creating timeless, uplifting trance moments, Ultimate once again digs deep and delivers another lush melody, bags of energy and a huge uplifting vibe.

What else would you expect from the uplifting maestro!?

Danny Cullen feat. Maria Milewska 'Twilight' OUT NOW!

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After a strong finish to 2019, Danny Cullen opens up his 2020 account with another lush vocal offering in the form of 'Twilight'.

Employing the superb vocal talents of Maria Milewska, together they have crafted a lush, progressive journey that will certainly enhance all your senses.


AxelPolo & AnnihElectric 'In Your Eyes' OUT NOW!

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We kick off 2020 in a big way thanks to the debut of AxelPolo & AnnihElectric, who deliver the mighty 'In You Eyes' on our InfraProgressive imprint.

Ticking all the right boxes, we just had to snap this little gem up and you can see why. With a killer hook, lush groove and bags of energy, 'In You Eyes' is a sure fire club smash in the making.


Infrasonic: The Best of 2019 OUT NOW!

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It has been another incredible year for Infrasonic and as we draw 2019 to a close, we take stock and review some of the awesome talent and releases we've had over the last 12 months.

We've meticulously picked 25 of just some of our biggest releases this year, including tracks from: Nikhil Prakash, Harry Square, Abstract Vision, Ultimate, Solis & Sean Truby, Dustin Husain and many more.

Abstract Vision & NX-Trance 'Bassface' OUT NOW!

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Abstract Vision & NX-Trance are back! After the huge success of their psy-monster 'Shifter' which dropped on our InfraRed imprint a few months back, this dynamic duo is back for round 2!

This time around they arrive on Interstate with a killer tech trance workout in the form of 'Bassface'. As the name implies, the track isn't the faint hearted thanks to its killer groove, rumbling bass and tech nuances.


Christopher Corrigan 'To Save Me' OUT NOW!

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Christopher Corrigan is back on InfraRed with his latest single 'To Save Me'.

Following neatly where his last single 'Trust' left off, Christopher unleashes yet another epic trance moment, thanks to bags of energy, a killer hook, lush melodies and bags of emotion too.

You do not want to miss this one!

Holbrook & SkyKeeper 'Come To Me' OUT NOW!

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Holbrook & SkyKeeper return with their bring new single 'Come To Me'. A classic sounding trancer that lands on our InfraRed imprint, its plucky, uplifting melody brings back those rave days with its epic, ripping sound and fast momentum.

'Come To Me' is a real crowd pleaser and its throbbing energy, old skool melody and uplifting vibe will certainly please the masses.